The entire agricultural value chain at your fingertips

Our Market Audiences

Access to market and finance
  • Top-tier farms: medical cannabis facilities, other high - end and capital intensive operations with verifiable trading history and assets
  • Small to medium scale farmers: meet due diligence threshold and can be incorporated into existing value chains
Deal-making with farms and suppliers
  • International Buyers: sourcing and outsourcing
  • Large-scale commercial buyers: supplying supermarkets, restaurants, food chains
  • Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Hotel and Hospitality Groups
  • Pharmaceutical sourcing agents
B2B and B2C marketplace
  • Agriculural goods and services
  • Primary and Secondary Processing: extraction, processing, packaging, certified seed, finalised products, consulting services, etc.
  • Ancillary Services: legal, regulatory, testing, consulting
  • Agri-Job Portal
Alternative finance and passive income
  • Institutional Development Finace
  • Buyers: pre-purchasing of crops
  • Risk-averse Investors: invest per cultivation cycle rather than shares
  • Retail Investors: stable way to retain investment
  • Property Holdings
  • Companies: can sub-lease land to a new of lessees

A Message from the CEO

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Onlyfarms, as a division of the OpenFarms Group, was created as a vehicle to drive thriving agricultural enterprise by providing access to market, price awareness and transparency in deal-making, to all role-players across the value chain. Instead of investing in individual market segments we decided to facilitate access to and between them for everyone. We took the decision to focus on medical and industrial cannabis as it is among the most regulated high-value crops in the world, with the aim of easing barriers to entry, reducing the transactional inefficiencies associated with brokering, ensuring regulatory compliance and facilitating pain-free transactions in a streamlined manner. Ultimately, our goal here is to empower cultivators across the board by connecting them to lawful demand, supply of agricultural inputs and related services, thereby enabling job creation, facilitating compliance monitoring and driving large-scale industrial development based on real-time data, analytics and market flows.


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